biostack Weekly | 2015-07-19 (第八期)

13’th July, 2015 23:26 RT @DrJCThrash Automated and accurate estimation of gene family abundance from shotgun metagenomes w/ @phylogenomics @tjsharpton

14’th July, 2015 18:14 RIG: Recalibration and Interrelation of Genomic Sequence Data with the GATK 19:30 Bandage: interactive visualization of de novo genome assemblies 19:35 Good laboratory practice for clinical next-generation sequencing […]

biostack Weekly | 2015-07-12 (第七期)

6’th July, 2015 22:39 RT @moorejh Don’t Get Your Kids’ Genes Sequenced Just To Keep Up #DNA #genomics #ethics 23:00 RT @Strep_papers WGS accurately predicts antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli. 23:12 RT @biorxivpreprint SPARTA: Simple Program for Automated reference-based bacterial RNA-seq Transcriptome Analysis

7’th July, 2015 23:40 RT @kbradnam Still […]

biostack Weekly | 2015-07-05 (第六期)

29’th June, 2015 13:19 RT @lexnederbragt Getting the most out of RNA-seq data analysis #peerJPreprint 14:57 CanvasXpress is a standalone HTML5 graphing library written in Javascript to explore complex data sets. 16:57 RT @BI0graphika #Antibiotic Resistance explorer, a reactive #datavis built with #dcjs + #crossfilter #d3js #bootstrap #bio4j 22:23 Prioritizing risks of […]

biostack Weekly | 2015-06-28 (第五期)


21’st June, 2015

15:23 RT @MicrobiomDigest Biodiversity and distribution of polar freshwater DNA viruses – Daniel Aguirre de Cárcer @ScienceAdvances #virome 15:24 RT @MicrobiomDigest Metagenomic analysis of #microbiome in colon tissue from subjects with #IBD reveals interplay of viruses and bacteria 15:31 RT @DataScienceCtrl Data Science Wars: R versus Python […]

biostack Weekly | 2015-06-21 (第四期)

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14’th June, 2015 08:56 RT @sjackman Various programs used for the assembly of @PacBio data. Anyone have corrections or additions for me? @infoecho 09:12 RT @pathogenomenick Frequency-based haplotype reconstruction from deep sequencing data of bacterial populations 12:40 RT @sjackman UniqTag: My paper for assigning k-mer IDs to genes using a minimizer […]

biostack Weekly | 2015-06-14 (第三期)

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7’th June, 2015

09:38 RT @genetics_blog Finally, labeled multi-panel ggplot2 figures made easy thanks @ClausWilke 09:38 RT @genetics_blog ACE: Accurate Correction of Errors using K-mer tries 09:39 RT @genetics_blog oswitch. okay this is awesome. h/t @pathogenomenick 09:40 RT @genetics_blog sRNAtoolbox: an integrated collection of small RNA research tools […]

biostack Weekly | 2015-06-07 (第二期)

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31’st May, 2015

11:48 RT @takipid New post: The Ultimate JSON Library Benchmark: JSON.simple vs GSON vs Jackson vs JSON

1’st June, 2015

10:21 Goodbye CEGMA, hello BUSCO! a19:27 Python, Ruby, and Golang: A Command-Line Application Comparison 19:35 The Architecture of Open Source Applications

2’nd June, 2015

07:13 […]

biostack Weekly | 2015-05-30

开始尝试做一个biostack周报东西,分享每周关注的生物信息相关进展,包括Twitter和微博两部分内容; 这次做Twitter列表, 附送Twitter列表的 PDF 版本, 网盘地址:

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26’th May, 2015

19:53 MSPKmerCounter: A Fast and Memory Efficient Approach for K-mer Counting 22:11 SFA-SPA: a suffix array based short peptide assembler for metagenomic data 22:12 CNOGpro: detection and quantification of CNVs in prokaryotic whole-genome sequencing data 22:13 MetAmp: combining amplicon data from […]