NGS++: a library for rapid prototyping of epigenomics software tools

NGS++: a library for rapid prototyping of epigenomics software tools

文章地址:NGS++: a library for rapid prototyping of epigenomics software tools

Motivation: The development of computational tools to enable testing and analysis of high-throughput–sequencing data is essential to modern genomics research. However, although multiple frameworks have been developed to facilitate access to these tools, comparatively little effort has been made at implementing low-level programming libraries to increase the speed and ease of their development.

Results: We propose NGS++, a programming library in C++11 specialized in manipulating both next-generation sequencing (NGS) datasets and genomic information files. This library allows easy integration of new formats and rapid prototyping of new functionalities with a focus on the analysis of genomic regions and features. It offers a powerful, yet versatile and easily extensible interface to read, write and manipulate multiple genomic file formats. By standardizing the internal data structures and presenting a common interface to the data parser, NGS++ offers an effective framework for epigenomics tool development.

Availability: NGS++ was written in C++ using the C++11 standard. It requires minimal efforts to build and is well-documented via a complete docXygen guide, online documentation and tutorials. Source code, tests, code examples and documentation are available via the website at and the github repository at

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